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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My loverly Weekend

I just realized I didn't post about my weekend! oops!

This weekend I had a blast! Friday night I went to the scrimmage with Lauren and Nick. We met up with Jess, RJ, FreakShow, Billy, Aubrey, and others I didn't know. The game ended because someone got injured, so RJ took Lauren, Jess, and me to Lauren's house. We got bored, so RJ took us to eat. He needed gas first, so we went on a scavenger hunt to find a place that would cash his check. We went to Winn Dixie, Food World, and finally Wal Mart. We ate at Wendy's and then were headed out the door to Shawn's house, when Shawn and James came in! So we then finally made it to Lauren's, where we stayed outside being stupid until about 2 a.m. Then Jess and I stayed the night at her house.

Saturday we got up and RJ dropped us off at the Plantation House to eat, YUM! After that, we called AJ to give us a ride home. And we were stuck waiting for about a half hour! We made him late for EnFuego, OOPS!! When we got to Lauren's house, we got ready to go to the stables to see her horses. Kyle wanted to come, but he was too late, so he just came to her house, and we laughed at Jess and Lauren trying to play DDR.RJ then came over around 8, and we went to his dad's house to watch his dad's band practice. They are REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! Afterwards, we rode fourwheelers until about 10. Wow, RJ is scary on those things! He said he couldn't hear after I screamed so loud in his ear. Tehe ;) He finally took me home at 10:30, and I was thankful to be able to take a shower and go to bed!

Sunday, I had another hectic day at work. That's okay though, cuz I had fun!!! It's great to be able to be a teenage sometimes, don't you agree???


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