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Sunday, August 20, 2006

My first day at work

Today I started my Sunday job waitressing at The Plantation House and Gardens. I had so much fun! Here's how my day went

I get there, and they give me all my stuff: shirt, apron, pen and ticket book, and straws. I then begin sweeping and filling coffee pots, because I was in charge of the coffee area. Basically that means if I see the coffee running low, I make more. We opened soon after that, and from 10:30-2:30 I was running around cleaning tables, refilling drinks, asking how everything was going, taking dirty dishes, etc. After that, I FINALLY got a lunch break, and they give the workers a free meal. I didn't eat, because I was too tired! Soon after that, we started closing, and it took two hours for us to clean and prepare forks and knifes in napkins for tomorrow. I made 15 dollars in tips, and 18 for regular pay, which i think is good for one day's work! My friend Jessica works there as the only other waitress, and Tree (nickname) was a hostess, and Matt and Amber cleaned dishes. They were all nice and around my age, which is refreshing to me! I got a blister and red hands from ringing out a rag over fifty times today, and no i'm not kidding, it was over fifty! hehe If you want to make a little extra money, the Plantation House and Gardens is the place. They are short in workers right now, and they hired me right away. Just ask me for directions, and I'll help you get an application. After work, Jessica and I were escorted to the movie theater by A.J. After the movie, we went to Steak and Shake, only I didn't have money left, so A.J. offered to buy me something. I only got water, for I hate having people spend money on me! Turned out the water was free. hehe Now I'm home and tired, but I had so much fun at work. I might even quit my other job,who knows. anyways i gotta run now. bye!


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