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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Last Saturday my drama class had our final presentation. It was such fun! I was sad to say bye to everyone, but we all exchanged email and phone numbers, so it's good! I learned a lot about 'getting into character.' For example, for Juliet, I had to be like a girl in love, but doesn't want to be, and is argueing with herself about the concept. Then for Grumio, I had to be a skiddish, confused servant, wanting to please his master, yet not wanting to get into trouble. Both roles were fun to play though. I may take more acting classes in September at the Armory Arts Center, since they're A LOT cheaper. I'm hoping to go to Faulkner University to continue my education in theater, so that should be fun.

There's really nothing new in my life to talk about, so I guess I'm going to go now. Bye!


Anonymous Victoria (Anna's Mom) said...

Dear Samantha,
Your experience in drama sounds interesting. Anna also enjoys drama.
Yes, it was Lydia and I on the news.
If you want more info about the ministry God has lead me into regarding standing for life I will be happy to give you some.
For me as well, I did not know how to contact you except this way.
Anna and Lydia have gone to North Carolina until Shabbat (Saturday).
Blessings today and in your future !

9:25 AM  
Blogger Samantha C. Brooks said...

Mrs. Lofgren,
That's amazing how God can lead you into doing something so important as standing up for life. It's pretty sad how many women have abortions, some even too young to know any better! It's good that some people who know God's word are willing to spread it, and hopefully those women will be discouraged from abortion, and encouraged in the Word. God Bless!

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm this may not make sense but are you this
Samantha Brooks?

8:34 PM  
Blogger Samantha C. Brooks said...

No, sorry, that's not me. But one day I do hope to have my own profile on that website! Just curious, how did you find me site? Thanks for visiting!

8:42 PM  

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