Samantha's Journal

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yesterday was a nice day! The day before, I was bored, and nobody was home, so I just called people I don't really talk to anymore; I happened upon Nick Watson's number, so I called him. It's been an entire year since we've talked, so it was good to catch up! He asked to come over the day, so he rode his bike down here yesterday! I was walking outside when he came up, and we didn't recognize each other. We walked to the pond, where a fish jumped out of the water at us, scaring us both! We also walked near the pond, and the basketball court. We could have kept going but he said he was feeling out of place, as it was Prattville territory. He got the assumption that if a kid from Prattville High School knew he was here, and he's from Stanhope, that they'd pick a fight with him. Sad to say, that WOULD probably happen. Well that was my day. It may not sound like much, but it was nice being with an old friend!


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