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Friday, April 14, 2006

Another busy week

The past few days have been a little busy! Tuesday my nephew came by, wanting to show his daddy the chicks he got from the feed store. One is purple, one blue, and one is a normal one. They were so cute! I don't know how the people changed the color of them, but it looked sort of neat!
Wednesday I got a few things for prom; shopping is always fun!
Yesterday I had band class, which was nice as always. I got sick though, which is never pleasant but quickly and strangely recovered!

Today is the normal school and work day. I may even talk my mom into looking at fabric for a dress. who knows? well i better run!


Blogger Anna Naomi said...

I'm so sorry you got sick yesterday, but I'm glad you're feeling better! Strangely enough I started feeling really nauseous halfway through band, and had to leave for a few moments. Thankfully, I didn't get sick though, and water and a few moments of rest, as well as praying that I wouldn't get sick, helped a lot.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Samantha C. Brooks said...

Isn't that the weirdest thing? Maybe there was just something going around in the flute section. lol. It's good you didn't get sick though!

10:16 AM  

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