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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Story of My Life

I got kind of bored, so I thought I'd write a short autobiography.

lets see....

I was born Jan. 27, 1991 to Charles and Kathy Brooks. I grew up with my older sister and brother in Elmore, which is a small town outside of Millbrook. My mother once managed a hotel before having children, and my father owned his own electric company. I had a carefree childhood out in the country, and it was wonderful. When I was 7, my father passed away. My mom tried telling me he was gone to heaven and God has answered her prayers, which was to take his pain away. Shortly after, my mom and I moved to Millbrook, and we were in and out of three different houses. During 6th grade, I was inspired to write poetry, but I soon dropped it, for I realized I loved music much more. I became homeschooled in 7th grade, due to problems at school. I quickly joined a homeschool band, and enjoyed music very much! We moved to Montgomery, and during the summer after 7th grade, I truly accepted Christ. I always knew about the Christian life, but I never understood it enough. We then moved to Prattville in the fall of last year, and I like it much more than Montgomery! Now I'm 15, in the 9th grade, have a great job, and I'm living life to the fullest, following God's word the whole way.


Blogger Anna Naomi said...

Great auto-biography Sami! :)

1:48 PM  

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