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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another Sunday

Yesterday we had a busy day! Mom and I went to the mall to get my sewing machine, but they didn't have the one i saw online. So, mom helped me out to get a more expensive one, and I owe her $49. We then went on to my sister's house, which was fun. She and her husband are adding on to their house, so there was lots of construction going on. After, we went to look at other trailor parks near the area I was raised in. ( the one we live in now is far too expensive) I got a little teary remembering when my father went down the roads we went down, and where I would play as a little child, etc. It was nice though. We finally made it home, and I worked on heming a dress I've made last summer. It was too complicated for me (lol), because it was too big so I had to cut some fabric from the sides and stuff, so I just figured I'll start all over. lol. We're going to look at patterns tomorrow. Today I'm just going to be lazy.


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Blogger Anna Naomi said...

Don't let a hard time stop you! :) I've made so many mistakes I can't remember them all! Sometimes my older sister Miriam had to help bail me out! Patterns generally help a lot and tell you things to do very slowly and step-by-step. I remember the thing I had the most trouble with was just learning how to thread the machine! :)

12:17 PM  

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